Friday, December 6, 2013


An ancient sage slept and dreamt he was a fish, when he woke up he was enlightened, free from the worldly bondage…

Now he doesn’t know if he is a human who dreamt being a fish, or a fish dreaming a human existence… 

Sleep those magical hours of our daily lives where we have no control over our actions or consciousness to understand all that happens to us. It is that part of our alive experience which is on an automatic mode. Fascinating as it is, in those hours of our time we don’t argue, fight, cry, crib, complain, worry, resent, grab, rape, kill, bribe or plot devious strategies. We simply sleep…   

Every day we experience a period of 6 to 8 hours, restful, rejuvenating sleep.

It is a miraculous phase of our daily existence where the body recharges itself. Millions of cells in the body repair, reorganize, and restore themselves to take on the challenges of the daily living.

It the most honest phase of self development. The only time of the day when we only, truly, build to improve, self improve. It is one part of our time when we don’t criticize or ridicule or put ourselves down in any conscious way. 
It a time when the mind dreams beautiful pictures, throws vivid imagination to keeps us engaged, gather ideas, spiritual insights and radical thinking. It also throws in a good dose of nightmares which terrifies, makes us break into cold sweats and have a palpating heart a racing pulse, with a near no recollections of the terror when we wake up.

Amusing as it may sound, all of us including the rich or powerful men and women on this planet have zero mastery on this silent phenomenon called sleep. We are at the mercy of it, with no guarantee that if we sleep tonight we will wake up the next morning.  It is truly the time when the divine works in us.

Restful sleep is a great equalizer in the awake world of social, financial, political inequalities. It seldom discriminates, if you are at peace with yourself you sleep well and if you sleep well you are at peace with your world. 
How are you sleeping lately … terrorized, restless, agitated and incomplete, 

or restful, peaceful, rejuvenated, in communion and harmony with the universe?  

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  1. Loved the phrase, "Restful sleep is a great equalizer... " Dr. Deepak keep writing!



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