Wednesday, November 27, 2013


In order to supply fresh fish caught far into the oceans, a long distance of many days from the coastlines; fishermen in Japan have water tanks built in their ships to store the catch alive. In addition they put a few sharks into the pool which keeps the fish alive, agile and tasting fresh.

Connecting this to our daily lives what are those things which keeps us alive agile and kicking?

Years ago a very close family friend of mine in a casual conversation about settling down in our respective professional and personal lives said to me ‘Deepak Only Mud Settles’. Her statement has stayed with me since then.

Only Mud Settles! This is my mantra to kick start myself when faced with complacency.

Life has a very uncanny way of throwing challenges at us, we finish school , get into college, complete graduation, go into post graduation , get a job , start climbing the career ladder, get married, have kids and cycle starts all over again for our kids. Somewhere along the line routine sets in…the mud starts to settle.
Things which gave us a high earlier now no more interest us. We kind of slow down, think of retiring early and lead a peaceful life, if there is such thing as a peaceful life…

How can each of us NOT let the proverbial mud settle?

How can the unique life experiences which we have so painstakingly gathered over the years be used to our collective advantage.

What kind of sharks we need to inject into our daily routines to keep us alive, agile and tasting fresh.

There are no set answers or a book of guidelines, each one has to keep searching, exploring, reinventing. 
In the words of Richard Bach from the book ‘Illusions- Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.

“Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you are alive it isn’t…”


  1. Brilliant Post sir. More should come! Thanks. Gerry

  2. Very interesting article Dr. Deepak..recently i attended seminar organized by IAPP in Ahmedabad on Mental health awareness program. Gujarat and India's best psychiatrist shared their experience on how to overcome stress, depression in this busy life.

    I am completely agree with your point...FULL STOP..and start new journey. Thinking on same matter again and again will ruin peace of mind. We have to start adjusting in current situation.




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